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Mrs. Stacy Lockett

Born in Vicksburg, Mississippi, a small town located on the Mississippi River, Stacy began dance at the age of five. She received “classical ballet training,” which is a set of techniques that are used methodically in the process of building a ballet dancer by the late Ms. Eugenia Atwater. Atwater noticed something special in Stacy and worked with her on her technique every day after school. At the age of six, she was performing live on stage at the Mississippi Convention Center in front of sold-out audiences. Atwater could not understand how a child so young could perform a series of movements with such a degree of strength. She nicknamed Stacy, “a natural.” When she was only seven years old, she made history in Vicksburg as being named the first African-American “Clara” in the hit Christmas ballet, “The Nutcracker.” Stacy captivated audiences with her ability to flow back and forth across the stage, never losing her smile.

Stacy’s parents knew she had a gift from God and they had to leave Vicksburg in order to pursue it. Shortly after receiving rave reviews for her performance in “The Nutcracker,” she and her family left Mississippi and moved to Houston, Texas in 1993. Shortly after arriving in Houston, her parents enrolled her in “Penelope’s School of Dance,” where she auditioned and was selected as the youngest dancer in the company.

In 1996, she auditioned at three of Houston’s top magnet middle schools for the arts. She accepted enrollment into Welch Middle School’s dance program, the same school attended by Grammy Award-Winning Artist Beyonce Knowles. She was one of a few to begin sixth grade in the Advanced Level class. She made history again by being selected as Welch Middle School’s first African-American “Clara” for their production of “The Nutcracker” Ballet. Throughout middle school, she enjoyed dance and musical theatre and performed in many productions such as “Annie” and “Crazy for You.” This is where her love for Broadway began!

In the summer of 1996, she submitted an audition tape and received a letter of acceptance to the “The School at Steps on Broadway” in New York City. The Summer Intensive program offered a ballet and theater dance focus, which included classes in ballet technique, pointe, pas de deux, contemporary partnering, jazz and hip hop. While in New York, she also took a week of intensive Master dance classes at The Ailey School, the official school of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

After returning from New York and her reputation as a “natural” dancer spread around school, Stacy was offered a position on the Welch Warrior Cheer Squad where she was chosen as a Captain her first year. She began to develop not only a love and passion for dance, but for cheerleading as well. Upon entering High School, she auditioned and was selected to attend Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, the same school attended by the musical group, Destiny’s Child. HSPVA was a school devoted strictly to the arts; including instrumental music, vocal music, dance, theater and visual arts. With her new love for cheerleading, she could not let it go. HSPVA did not offer athletics, so she auditioned and was selected as a Madison High School Junior Varsity Cheerleader and Captain. She knew being apart of the team would be strenuous, especially since the Varsity team were District Cheerleading Champions. She juggled academics, dance and having her parents drive her after school every day across town to Madison to cheer. Even though she was an Honor Student and National Honor Society member, her parents began to notice that her commitment to dance began to fade. With the pressure to maintain the body type for a ballet dancer and her body changing shape by developing muscles for cheer, she was forced to make a decision.

Stacy decided to leave HSPVA in 2001 and enroll at James Madison Senior High School. She developed a popularity among the students as being the “new” girl on campus that could “dance,” but also being known as the only 10th grader on the Varsity Cheer Squad and Competitive squad. With the pressure off, she continued to compete in National Dance Competitions by taking dance classes at “Stars in Motion” Dance Studio in Missouri City, Texas and cheer technique and tumbling classes at “Storm Cheer” Gym in Sugarland, Texas. With her dance and cheerleading background, she was crowned Ms. Black Teen Houston 2002 along with Most Photogenic and Most Talented.

Throughout High School, Stacy received numerous awards from the National Cheerleading Association. She was nominated for their NCA All-American Cheerleading Squad three years in a row and received blue ribbon Superior Awards for Cheer and Dance Technique. Her squad was also named the NCA Spirit Award Winners, Performance Top Team Winners, S.P.O.T Award Winners, received the Spirit Stick and also a bid to the National Cheerleading Championship in Dallas, Texas.

Stacy was selected as Co-Captain her Junior Year and Head Captain her Senior Year. She led the team to victory in 2003, by defeating the District Champions, Forest Brook High School cheerleaders, a team which they always came in second to. With her love of being a flyer and her signature blowing kisses to the crowd as she cradled out of stunts, she couldn’t let cheerleading go.

In 2003, after graduating from High School, she auditioned and was chosen as a Lamar University Spirit Team member. She had the best of both worlds. The Spirit Team was comprised of girls who had to have a cheer and technical dance background. She was able to cheer the Cardinals on to victory, while slipping on her jazz shoes to perform a Bob Fosse styled number during half-time. Under the direction of choreographer Brenda Griner, she was able to turn her classically trained ballet technique to a more “free spirited” style of dance. She showcased in Lamar University’s first production of "Cabaret des Reves,” (Cabaret of Dreams) a dicey display of a wide variety of styles of dance.

Prior to graduating, Stacy studied the technique of Bob Fosse in depth and soon made the style her own. In 2007, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications with an Emphasis in Broadcast Journalism and a Minor in Dance. Taking her new style of dance, along with her cheerleading technique, she auditioned and was selected on the NFL’s Houston Texans Cheerleading Squad in April 2008.

As an NFL Rookie Cheerleader, Stacy was chosen the second game to have an article in the Houston Texans Game Day magazine, highlighting her life as a dancer on Broadway. She was also selected by Coach Alto Gary to teach dance routines learned at the All-Pro Cheerleading Camp in Atlanta, GA to the Rookies as well as the veterans on the squad, hosted a cheerleading camp in Bessemer, AL for the DeMeco Ryans Foundation, appeared and interviewed on many local news and radio stations in Houston, participated in Outreach Tours in San Antonio, TX and Corpus Christi, TX, along with her photo being selected for the Texans Swimsuit calendar.

As a second year veteran, Stacy was named a Line Captain and was able to choreograph and contribute ideas to pre-game performances. She was also chosen to perform on a Super Bowl military tour to Honduras at the Joint Task Force Bravo, Soto Cano Air Force Base and selected to shoot for the swimsuit calendar for the second time.

As a 3rd Year veteran, Stacy was selected to attend one of the largest military tours in Texans history. She was chosen along with five other squad members to perform for the troops on a two week military tour overseas. She visited troops in Japan, Singapore and the private island Diego Garcia; a tropical, footprint-shaped island located south of the equator in the central Indian Ocean.

Upon retiring as an NFL Cheerleader, Stacy is the Owner and Choreographer for her Cheer Company, “Pro Status Cheer,” a sixth grade English Language Arts and Social Studies teacher and the Cheer Coach at Alice Johnson Junior High School. Stacy started “Pro Status Cheer” to give children in her community the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of cheerleading based on her five C.H.E.E.R. components: Confidence, Hard Work, Effort, Enthusiasm and Respect. She is also founder of S.A.F.E.T.Y. “Safety Awareness For Educating Today’s Youth,” a program that teaches the responsibilities and techniques for safety in cheerleading stunts and tumbling.

Stacy credits God, her parents, the community, former dance teachers and cheer coaches for her success. She truly believes that with perseverance, support and faith, she can motivate and teach today’s youth to reach the same status that she did…PRO Status!

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